1、Confidence in the life of the most beautiful!
    2、I try, I insist, I can succeed。
    3、Hold the fate in your hands。
    4、Life only come out of the beautiful, not so brilliant。
    5、The greatest enemy of life is their own cowardice。
    6、Any restrictions, are from the beginning of their own hearts。
    7、People can, is believed to be able to。
    8、Of the most easy things in the world。
    9、Opportunity is always ready for the people to get。
    10、Every day to look at the target, don't always think of obstacles。
    11、Don't wait for opportunities, and to create opportunities。
    12、Positive attitude, is the most basic element of success。
    13、When the world to seed weight, it will use a way。
    14、The desire to enhance the enthusiasm, perseverance erase mountain。
    15、I walk slowly! But I never walk backwards!
    16、There is no desperate situation, only the desperate people。
    17、Think you can and can't do, in fact, just at the moment。
    18、The setback is actually the tuition fees payable to the success。
    19、Behind each of the strenuous efforts, there must be double reward。
    20、Would rather work hard for a while, don't work hard for a lifetime。
    21、Into a big thing is not how much power, but how long it can last。
    22、We must seek victory in defeat, and seek hope in despair。
    23、More preparation last night, fewer hours of trouble today。
    24、Once the set goals, do not reach the goal not to give up, to be successful。
    25、Life is like riding a bicycle。 To keep your balance you must move on。
    26、Even if you act, you will learn and grow。
    27、Life always gives you another chance, the chance to call tomorrow。
    28、The only time you need to look back is to see how far you've come。
    29、This world is not because of what you can do, but what you should do。
    30、Having a dream is a kind of intelligence, the realization of a dream is a kind of ability。
    31、Let us put forward the concerns, in advance of the thinking and plan!
    32、You believe you can, you think you own infinite vitality; you will not, listlessness。
    33、In any case, the deeper the pain, the greater the joy that comes with it。
    34、Can let you down, not the opponent, but your heart。
    35、To overcome the anxiety and frustration of life, you have to learn to be your own master。
    36、Hard work is the password for your life, and it can translate into a magnificent epic。
    37、A person's dream may not be valuable, but a person's efforts are very valuable。
    38、Man has faith and the pursuit of can endure all hardships, adapt to all the environment。
    39、Now your life, life in the future to play you, now do not work hard, the future suck。
    40、Jian Chi, bitter heart, its labor force, everything, big and small, will have some success。
    41、The erosion of coral from the tempestuous waves, it is undoubtedly their beautiful ruin。
    42、The big goal is very important, must have a successful attempt, and the bigger the better。
    43、A man can play the greatest potential only when he can do it all。
    44、Action is a good medicine to cure fear, and hesitation, delay will continue to nourish the fear。
    45、God has never complained about people's ignorance, people have complained that God is not fair。
    46、Re a long way, a step by step can be completed, and then a short road, do not stride feet can not reach。
    47、Only experienced the hell of torture, only the power of the conquest of paradise, only through the blood of the fingers, in order to pop up this world masterpiece。
    48、Success is not the future, but from the decision to do the moment, continue to accumulate and become。
    49、Don't compare with others, but to go beyond their own, want to cry to cry out tears, laugh out of growth character!
    50、The positive person sees an opportunity in every crisis, while the negative person sees some kind of misery in every opportunity。
    51、In the real life, every great cause is beginning with confidence, and the first step is to cross the confidence。
    52、Don't complain, don't always feel this situation is most be frustrated for all one's talent, by yourself。
    53、Strong confidence, can overcome the demons, have the courage to be ever-victorious in one's forward march。
    54、Perseverance is a major factor in the success of the door, as long as the door is long enough, loud enough to wake up。
    55、All the sadness is past, when time is slowly precipitation, you will find that their own happiness than the imagination。
    56、Past is not equal to the future; no failure, only a temporary cessation of success; to take more action。
    57、All the hardships you have experienced are meaningful, because it is a sign of your responsibility。