1、There is no road farther than the foot, no higher than the mountain!
    2、Little strokes fell great oaks。, Dripping water wears through a stone。
    3、Nothing is difficult, if you put your heart into it。
    4、With the circle, as retreat webs。
    5、Not afraid of the long road, but short。
    6、The most sad is that they can not overcome their own。
    7、Don't make excuses for yourself!
    8、Not to find excuses for failure, only to find ways to succeed。
    9、Eat bitter, bitter, for the people。
    10、Time is money, Time is money。
    11、How can we see the rainbow without the wind and rain?
    12、Energy-saving, white square regret later reading。
    13、An idle youth a needy age。
    14、The process of doing。
    15、No big exaggerate。 The more shallow knowledge, the more deep the confidence。
    16、Perseverance can conquer any one peak。
    17、Is the true wisdom fortitude ambition。
    18、Beautiful let a man to stop, wisdom let a man stay。
    19、Remember when life's path is steep, to stay calm。
    20、There is only one person who can not get through。
    21、Grow beautiful is the advantage, live beautiful is the ability。
    22、Make candle for Ming, the study of science。
    23、Had no hope of things, bold attempt, often can succeed。
    24、Dress with pearls, as to enrich themselves with knowledge。
    25、The greatest joy in life is that you can't do it!
    26、Life is not to go beyond the others, but to go beyond their own。
    27、We this world, never give a sad behind the medal。
    28、When you have nothing to lose, it's when you start to get it。
    29、The secret of success is to try harder than anyone else every day。
    30、No intelligent person will deny the value of pain and sorrow。
    31、When the external pressure increases, it should enhance the internal power。
    32、There is no natural confidence, only to continue to develop the confidence。
    33、The most important thing in the world is not where we are, but in what direction we are heading。
    34、Not to worry about the future, only to clear the present efforts。
    35、When you fall to the bottom, it is said, you can only go up, not down!
    36、The waves after a grounding, pebble becomes more beautiful and smooth。
    37、Don't be afraid to pick roses because you are afraid of being hurt by a rose。
    38、People only have the courage to say goodbye to the coast, to find a new ocean。
    39、Good talk is better than words, and the appropriate language is better than a compliment。
    40、Action is a good medicine to cure fear, and hesitation to delay will continue to nourish the fear。
    41、A person is creating success in the fight against the surrounding living environment。
    42、Suffer from eating to eat again, will not lose the。 Bitter, sweet and big。
    43、The most important thing is not to look at the distance, but to do things at hand。
    44、Those who have met, but who are not confident of success, can only be defeated。
    45、Action is a good medicine to cure fear, and hesitation, delay will continue to nourish the fear。
    46、Every successful person has a beginning。 Courage to start, to find a successful way。
    47、Victory is not the victory over the enemy, but the improvement of oneself。 As long as we make progress by one percent, that is success。
    48、Make a decision, it is not difficult, it is difficult to put into action, and adhere to the end。
    49、If the blade is afraid of hurting yourself without contact with the grindstone, will never be sharp。
    50、The erosion in the unstained, not by bourgeois sugar coated bullet, the revolution is the most praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct quality。
    51、In the real life, every great cause is beginning with confidence, and the first step is to cross the confidence。
    52、The success of a probability distribution, the key is that you can not adhere to the successful start of the moment。
    53、The road to far also will come to an end, night long again there will be at the end, there will be rain again when stopped。
    54、Bear the pain of others can not help, eat what others can not eat bitter, can harvest the harvest of others。
    55、To our knowledge of how remarkable, if the lack of enthusiasm, the same paper feed on illusions, be of no help。