No saliva and sweat, no success of tears。
    As long as we can dream, we can do it。
    Only kung fu deep, iron pestle into a needle。
    Fix yourself, don't attempt to correct others。
    Would rather smile tears, also cry with regret。
    Behind each strenuously, there will be a double reward。
    No approaching in the torrent is not, no peaks are not climb。
    Others treat you, determines your destiny。
    Forget the failure but remember the lesson from the failure。
    Genius is the ability to endless work hard。
    Achievement, want more major than by failed resilient。
    Human nature is greedy, but not greed society will not progress。
    Pray with actions more than words can make understand god。
    Go out a good way, that speaks well of us exports to do good。
    Let faith hold on, dreams will come true。
    To the end of the day to do shore sea, mountain climb extremely I for peak。
    People are also often the truth and error together to teach, but insists the ills。
    Cheese, instead of, deadwood don't fold; Perseverance, stone can be used。
    Calendar day years, little strokes fell great oaks。 Perseverance, work fruit is seen。
    Only the courage, not afraid of hardship, to achieve greater success。
    We are the world, never give a sad laggard awarded MEDALS。
    Only create, is the real enjoy, only struggle, is full of life。
    The slander of others, like smite with the tongue, first polluted their mouths。
    To learn to wait, learn to insist, success is a gradual process。
    Even up to the highest hill, a step in a down-to-earth way。
    Not a kind not through the contempt of suffering and struggle to conquer fate。
    If so, the cycle, or take up, it would be a wonderful world!
    A belief is developed by the power, greater than 99 only interested。
    Surging ahead, in order to appreciate the wonders of river source scenic landscape。
    With optimistic attitude to meet difficult, because can beat you, only you。
    Day after day, is not afraid of thousand miles; Often do, is not afraid of everything。
    The real wealth is a way of thinking, rather than a monthly income number。
    And the pursuit of excellence in the excellent environment, you will become outstanding。
    We cannot live with vegetation, can't let life slip past them, waste of life, to do something。
    Quiet silence is not a blank, but there's a more widespread and more transparent。
    Who dares to declares war on the dark, the in the mind must be full of light。
    Good idea is to ten cents a dozen, truly priceless is to implement these ideas。
    If don't give yourself limits, then in the life, there is no limit your play barriers。
    Only self-improvement, self-reliance, self-confidence, you can afford to pay the bill of life。
    Thanks to those who make me sad sad day, I know happiness has not far away from me。
    Now everything is for the future of dream weaving wings, let the dream fly in reality。
    Every student is a profound book, I want to use their life energy to read every book。
    Patience and insist on although it was a painful event, but it can promote the benefits for you。
    The value of a person, should see him what contribution, should not look at what he achieved。
    No matter how steep mountains are always for those who leave a climbing road。
    Most of the time, we have rich pocket, but poor head; We have a dream, but the lack of thought。
    Don't complain about their environment, if can't change the environment, then change their mind。
    People who do not yield to hardships, natural not to succumb to the time, don't succumb to the opponent。
    Beautiful fantasy than steadfastly doing things, as long as the start, even if it's late again later。
    The journey of life, the future is far away, also very dark。 But don't be afraid, not afraid of the people in front of the road。
    Progress bravely admit my own shortcomings, find themselves vulnerable, and then try to hurry up。
    In the face of difficulties, many people take a magnifying glass, but and difficult struggle, you will feel difficult。
    Do it don't have to be late, taking the advantage of young, make an effort to create the biggest value。
    In the face of setbacks and tribulations of life journey, we must not only have the courage, more want to have a strong belief。